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Justin Bieber Gives A Horrible Rendition Of Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” Track in Detroit + The Biebs Makes Music History!

Earlier this week, Justin Bieber’s self-entitled tour made a stop in Detroit. Sadly, the Biebs decided to murder Eminem’s music after performing a few of his hit singles on stage.

In the video, Justin made a sad attempt to cover the hit-rapper’s hit single while trying to act hard on stage… it’s just ridiculous. Check it out below:

And despite his horrible rendition of Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” track, yesterday while performing in New Jersey, the Biebs was presented an award from the Recording Industry Association of America’s Gold & Platinum Program and made history in the process.

One of Bieber’s earliest hit singles, “Baby,” featuring Ludacris was awarded the distinction of Diamond+ status for going 12x Platinum since the song was released a few years ago. 

He’s reportedly the first artist with one song to ever go platinum 12 times.

The RIAA tweeted about the honor, noting that “Baby” was the G&P’s top Digital Single ever, counting sales and streams. Not for nothing, that’s a pretty big deal.

Bieber took to his own Twitter to share his thoughts on the award, saying:

“Amazing night and honored. So much more to do. I love my #Beliebers. Thank u!!” 

The singer’s fans quickly mobilized on social media to honor their idol, with the hashtag “#congratsjustin” trending worldwide almost immediately.

So are you surprised that Bieber is the first musician in all of history to reach this honor?


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