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Lamar Odom Gets Off The Hook After Going Off On A Paparazzi In Streets Of Los Angeles

Despite the rumors about his wife filing for a divorce, Lamar Odom has one less problem NOT to worry about after a Los Angeles judge dropped the charges against him for going off on a paparazzi in the middle of an L.A street last month.

Odom reportedly broke all of the guy’s equipment and a police report was filed against him– and was facing possible felony charges. Now, a law enforcement officer tells TMZ, “Odom has agreed to pay for breaking the snapper’s gear in the July 10 rampage.”
The insider adds, “A City Attorney will hold an office hearing — an alternative to a prosecution– in which Lamar and the photog will have to chat with the hearing officer about rights and responsibilities.”

Odom basically got a slap on wrisk and only has to pay for items that can never affect his bank account.


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