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Lil Wayne CONFIRMS “Dedication 5” Release Date + Critics Saying “He’s an embarrassment to all African American people”

Here’s some good news for all you Lil’ Tunchies! 

On Wednesday afternoon, “Young Money” CEO Lil Wayne responded to a fan’s question on Twitter, regarding his highly anticipated album, “Dedication 5!

The 30-year-old New Orleans rapper, whose barely on the social media site, replied to the fan’s tweet saying, “I got you bro, gimme like 10 more days.”

August 24th is the date. So did you just leap out of your chair!?! What songs do you think Wayne is still recording?

Plus, there was a recent debate on Facebook with critics putting the rapper on blast for being a bad influence and role model to all African Americans.

According to one critic, whose African American, claims Lil Wayne is the main reason why so many young men of color are going down a path of destruction. 

The critic explained, “he’s filled with tattoos,–so are they–, he wears sagged pants –so do they–, he’s rich and throws his money around and they themselves want to experience that life; even if it means not getting a 9-5 job’. He is an embarrassment to all African American people…..first Clarence Thomas and now Lil Wayne!!!! How will we ever survive??”

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