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“Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” Benzino Got That Good’ Good For Ya!.. Naked Pics Leaked Online!

If having a butt-licking sex-tape already making rounds online wasn’t bad enough for this reality star/rapper, well think again! “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” Benzino naked genitals is now the icing on the cake.

A few days ago, photos of the rapper in his birthday suit surfaced online after his iPhone was taken in Atlanta nightclub.

Benzino responded to the picture leak calling it an “unfortunate situation” via Twitter.

Ok I get it, the jokes on Z, now can we MOVE ON? We all have a birthday suit, it’s getting boring now, i know there’s sumthin else to post…

The ones still postin & talkin about it, are OBSESSED, & shows how shallow you are, its not that serious, spend more time uplifting yourself.

The 48-year-old rapper/reality star also told his followers, “if you lose your phone, & you have a lock on it, they can still break it smh im sure we all take naked pics but their suppose to be private.” Yes, their they’re they are.

Benzino then promised, “as of today NO MORE BATHROOM SELFIES EVER AGAIN!!!! I HAVE LEARNED MY LESSON AND APOLOGIZES TO ALL…. (Im gonna do better) and I will.”

At least his man beef made up for him not having an average NECK!


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