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Prosecutor Going After Chris Brown In Hit And Run Incident Despite Victim’s Wishes To Drop The Case!

Chris Brown‘s recent streak of bad luck continues. The singer suffered a seizure last week, then yesterday he learned Frank Ocean‘s cousin was suing him and now the L.A. City Attorney is refusing to drop the hit and run case against him.

The attorney plans to prosecute despite the wishes of the victim to drop the case.  Via TMZ:

Chris Brown is in a weird legal predicament in his hit-and-run case this morning — the victim doesn’t want him prosecuted, but we’ve learned the L.A. City Attorney is going full throttle to nail the singer.

Now we all know the 24 year-old Breezy is no angel and some would say karma is playing a part in his recent issues, but come on. It was a minor fender bender and the victim doesn’t want money and wants the case dropped.

Hopefully the judge does the right thing and drops the case. 


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