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#RELATIONSHIP ADVICE! Invited My Ex- Over, He Asked To Bring A Friend, “I Said Yes” & The Friend Turned Out To Be His Date!

JUST MESSY! So we’ve just received this fanmail from one of our regular readers here in New York City, basically sharing with us her worst weekend experience ever!

Here’s what the mail reads:

“Hi GWL,

I just want to say, I’m a huge fan of the site and I knew that I can count on you guys for some good advice

So here it goes… This past weekend, I had made plans to meet up with my ex-boyfriend, John, who I haven’t seen in over 3+ years. I was super excited to see him because we’re friends on Facebook and he was looking rather good. 

We made plans the week before to meet up at my place, but he was calling me at 3 a.m., in the morning and I just wasn’t having it. #Neveranswered. 

The downside to us meeting up was the fact that he was now playing the trifling role, no money for bus fare and using WiFi for texting & calling. But I couldn’t stop thinking of how fine he was and how he was going to water my garden. Now, Saturday (August 17th) finally came around and I was ready for him. 

We texted and talked earlier that day leading up to his arrival. So, I waited and waited, he then finally called saying, “Let me have the address again, and can I bring a friend over?”, I replied, “hold up, a friend?, I’m not too sure about that one.” He then informed that the friend was going to leave, but in the back of my head I had my doubts. This dude had the nerve to say can we have your bed and you sleep in the living room. I was like excuse you, hell-to-the-no. He replied saying he was joking. 

Once he finally got to my apartment, my ex- (looking so fine) and his friend (a KingKong looking mutha-heffa) appeared to be more than friends. John tried grabbing my boobs and I was like, “ain’t no threesomes happening up in this bitch”, especially none with that KK. He asked for my bed again, and I kept silent. I then noticed how cuddled up they were and even caught them kissing on my $1300 couch. I was now fuming and wanted to cut the bitches. But I played it off classy and I was looking super cute and fine as hell and allowed them to do there thing. Even though I tried to c**k block all night. I only got 2 hours of sleep with so many thoughts going through my head.

Long story short, the date finally left after putting their 350 lb weight on my couch Sunday morning, and my ex- decided to stay back. Oh, he wanted fare, so he had to stay back. He began eating down my house, rocking only undies and a shirt– the ni–a got real comfortable now. I prayed that morning to god, because I knew I wanted to hurt him. Save by the Angels. He even kept slapping my butt, and I told him NOT TO TOUCH ME! John turned a deaf ears and still did it, multiple times. 

He also tried laying on top of me and putting his man beef in my face, so I told him I don’t go down like that. Now, I tried questioning him about his friend and he said it was his date not partner. I was like say what now?! Honey, I was seeing dead people and he was one of them. I eventually came back to reality and said he had to leave because I was done. He finally left after I asked him to leave– but upon leaving, he asked for the 10 bucks. I gave it to him because I’m not some broke chick.

Later that day, he texted me thanking for being polite and everything. I responded, “don’t thank me okay.” He asked why, so I told him exactly what was on my mind. We argued for about 1 hour, with him saying he’s coming to my apartment (Monday, August 19th) to talk to me and comfort me. I was like, “don’t show up to my apartment, because I won’t let you in.” So I then unfriended him on Facebook and told him I’m done with him. He later replied, “I still care for b**ch.” Now I’m the b**ch. #Neverresponded. 

GWL, sorry for the long letter but can you please give me some advice? Thanks again!

First off, thanks for being a loyal reader. But girl, an ex- is an ex- for a reason. You should have never tried to contact him and be friends on Facebook. Plus, never invite no one to your house, especially a friend of your ex-boyfriend, as situations like that usually end up disastrous.

There’s not much to give you advice on because you’ve already done the major things:

1. Unfriended him. 2. Told him how you felt. 3. Erase him from your life.

Now remember this, every mistake in life is a good learning process and gets you prepared for what lies ahead in the future.


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  1. Anonymous

    August 20, 2013 at 4:11 pm

    dwl this story is sooo hilarious !!!!!!

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