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Shady’s Back, Back Again With His New Track “Survival” & Lands New “Call Of Duty” Soundtrack!

The 40 year old rapper/producer is back again. Every few years Eminem seems to return from hiding to put out some new music and it looks like this is one of those years.

Eminem‘s new track “Survival” appears in the new trailer for the upcoming Call of Duty: Ghosts video game.  Let’s just say Eminem is back. For months now there have been rumors that he was working on a new album. The rumors were confirmed earlier this year by Dr. Dre and Paul Rosenberg, president of Shady Records and now he’s released his latest track “Survival.”

If your into the Call of Duty games here is the trailer for the game.

And if you just want to hear the new track here it is.

Does Eminem still have it?


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