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Singer Tyrese GIbson AIRS OUT His Custody Woes On Twitter!

Okay, I honestly hate it when people/celebrities talk about personal matters on social networks, but its good to see a man/musician who actually wants to take care of his child.

34 year-old Grammy-nominated vocalist Tyrese Gibson took to both his Twitter and Instagram accounts on Tuesday to vent about his child custody case with ex-wife, Norma Mitchell Gibson.

He tweeted:

Gibson then took to Instagram to vent about California’s child custody laws:

“In California the custody laws are financially set up to make you become a victim of your own success….. Today was rough…. I won’t give up on my daughter and I refuse to walk away…. Enjoy for now… See you soon!

Shayla’s Father!

The “Stay” singer then ended his rant with a preview from his upcoming book, “Black-Rose“, in which he talks about what it means to be a real parent, as well as giving fans words of encouragement:

Thank God she’s too young to understand, Thank God there are still play-dates, friends and fun stuff that she’s always doing that keeps her away from grown up stuff…. My goal as your father is to minimize your exposure to dysfunction cause I can never assume that you are too young to be affected by WHAT’s being said or reading into the energies that they are exposed to,” he begins. 

“Its true that Deadbeat dads exist I know… Deadbeat mothers are out here too they’re just not as popular… Then we have those fathers who feel as If they are doing their part cause they are paying for everything…. Kids are as real as it gets… If you DON’t have a healthy and consistent relationship with them it will show and they are too young to hide their true feelings…. (( You Ever reach out to grab a child from someone else’s arms and the child give that “Don’t touch me I don’t know you” look?? Lol,” he continued. 

“Through it all keep your love consistent and PRAY that your feelings towards your HIM or HER doesn’t start effecting your relationship and interactions with your child… God is watching every move and monitoring your hearts intentions and it might be a party now…. But in the end money or materialistic things can never buy your childs love… I’ve kept my lips sealed but it’s been rough….. REAL MEN and Fathers and single mothers hold your head I’m praying for you and I hope you continue to do the same for me……”

Your thoughts?

Plus, Gibson is recovering after blacking out during a nightclub performance last Friday night.


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    September 2, 2013 at 3:04 am

    Child support needs to be reformed, too one-sided

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