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Arsenio Hall Is Back With “The Arsenio Hall Show”

Actor Arsenio Hall, the first black late night talk show host, is back after 19 years with the return of the “Arsenio Hall Show.”  His first show premiered last Monday night and a lot has changed since he was last seen on air in 1994.

There is more competition for one- with David Letterman, Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel and for a little while longer Jay Leno. Back in 1989 when the original “Aresnio Hall Show” debuted, he was only up against Johnny Carson.

Monday’s show kicked off with Chris Tucker and Snoop Lion as his first celebrity guests. Tuesday’s show followed with Ice Cube, Lisa Kudrow and Mac Miller. And, tonight’s lineup is even bigger and as you can clearly see, Hall has no trouble pulling in big name guests.

The show airs weeknights at 11pm and maybe hard to find in some areas, so be sure to check out for listenings in your area.

Here is a look back at the original show:


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