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Bow Wow’s Father Alfonso Talks Sending His Son An Open Letter, Being A Grandfather & Not Riding Off His Son’s Fame!

Bow Wow‘s father Alfonso Moss, also known as “Ratchet Ray“, recently sat down with for an exclusive one-on-one candid interview, where he talked about sending his son an open letter last year, being a grandfather and not riding off his son’s fame.

Here’s a few highlights from the interview:

On his alto-ego “Ratchet Ray” resembling famous comedian, Katt Williams:

“Well ‘Ratchet Ray’ has always been apart of me all my life, I’ve always entertained my family and friends with my ‘Ratchet Ray’ stints so I had the opportunity to bring forth Ratchet Ray to the public through my cousin’s music video because they needed someone funny, so they suggested me and you know all It took was some drinks, a couple o’ glasses and some few dollars and I was there!”

On being a grandfather to Bow Wow’s daughter:

Being a grandfather means a lot to me because I wasn’t as good of a father as I should’ve been to my kids, so this has made me a better man to my grandkids. I just spent two weeks in Columbus Ohio with my grandkids all four of them and I’m expecting a fifth one in January. I’m also looking forward to being with Shai (Bow Wow’s 2 year old daughter) as soon as possible if it ever comes to my opportunity.”

On NOT riding off his son’s fame despite the media claiming he’s trying to get some recognition off Bow Wow’s name:

“Basically it’s whatever, I take criticism as well as I take anything that anybody says, therefore I’m ok with it. People need to realise that I’m not trying to win anything off of my son but hey ‘Ratchet Ray’ gotta eat too. My son is a wonderful kid and everything, but if he’s famous and he can help me out why not?”

On his children adapting his confidence and more:

“The kid gets it from me. Not only that, he gets his green eye’s from me, his talent from me. He had the braids when I had the braids too.” He boastfully said as he laughed away like any proud father would.

On being proud of his son’s accomplishments:

“My son has sold out albums,has made blockbuster movies and has even sold out the Madison Square Garden three times in a row and right now I think he’s doing quite fine. I mean right now he’s ‘Mr 106 & Park’ he’s loving that and I’ll just leave it at that, like I said I think he’s doing alright.”

After the release of the open letter, Alfonso was offered a large sum of money to be a part of a reality show titled “Celebrity Dad’s with Regrets” a role which he turned down countless times. He reply to the offer with, “It wasn’t the right time and had nothing to do with money.

Plus, Moss has three children; Aside from Shad, he has two daughters: Jasarah and Erica.

Be sure to check out the rest of the interview HERE! And thanks to ZAlebs for sending us this exclusive first read.


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