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Charlamange Tha God DISSES Kanye West: “I’m A Fan of Kanye West NOT Kanye Kardashian & He Sounds Like A Transgender”

This morning, New York City’s famed radio and television personality Charlamagne tha God shared his thoughts on Kanye West‘s new persona, explaining that he was a fan of the “Hearthless” rapper before he got with Kim Kardashian.

When asked about his thoughts on Mr. West getting booed at a Dodgers Game and had to be moved to another section of the stadium, he said:

“I’m a fan of Kanye West but I’m not a fan of Kanye Kardashian,” he told VLADTV. 

Kanye Kardashian is the guy you see on Kris Jenner sounding like one of The Jacksons. You know, he sounds a lot like Micheal or Latoya. He sounds like a transgender. I’m like, ‘who are you man?,’ I feel like he’s lost his way. I feel like he needs to go record his next album in Chicago…go drive down those Chicago blocks and smell that air that he came from. Don’t lose yourself in that who Kardashian mess. Yes, that’s the mother of your child, GREAT!

I saw him talking about all of the joy he has experienced since the birth of North West. Which is a wonderful thing! But for all intensive purposes, he’s not the same person. And I’m not interested at all in Kanye Kardashian.”

Charlamagne also gave his two cents about Ye’s “New Slaves” track, claiming that the Chicago hitmaker will never adhere to the lyrics in the song. He went as far as to say the “Yeezus” album s–ked! Watch the interview below:


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  1. yep

    October 1, 2013 at 1:35 am

    Lol smfh He does talk Hella weird now , not sure if he want his vocabulary to sound perky & professional? But it most defiantly sounds terrible..& all that he is this God he is the sh+t mentality.. Uuuuh you sound retarded any man does to say those insinuations lmao

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