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DMX & Rakim’s “Don’t Call Me” Ft. Shontelle + DMX Speaks on Financial Woes, Drug Problems, 12 Kids & Criminal Past on “The Dr. Phil Show”

Fresh off his very candid interview with Dr. Phil, rapper DMX has teamed up with fellow rapper Rakim to release a newly collaborated single called, “Don’t Call Me” featuring Shontelle and Aleks D.

I think if this collaboration between the two rappers had happened a decade ago, hardcore hip-hop fans would be rejoicing at the mere sight of them coming together. But anyhow, it’s still an admirable track.

Check it out below:


On Wednesday, DMX appeared on Dr. Phil‘s daytime talk show to talk about his financial struggles, drug problems, his family which includes 11 children with one on the way, and his troubled past.

Here are a few highlights from the New York native’s interview with Dr. Phil:

On Having twelve(12) Kids:

“It’s time consuming to have that many kids. But I do have a relationship with my children, and I love my children. I would never just not be a part of my children’s lives. That doesn’t make sense.”

The rapper reveals that he’s $1 million behind in child support, all because he is no longer making $13 million a year.

On his recent incident, running butt naked through a hotel hallway:

“It was a bet, it was a dare. The dare was to order room service, and run through the hallway naked. I’m like, I’ll do it.”

On if he regrets ever doing anything in life:

“I woudn’t redo anything. It got me right here where I am right now. I’m in a good place. No regrets.”

On being given marijuana at age 8:

“I don’t know why. At 19 [I had a drug problem]. I’m always going to have a drug problem. I don’t have to get high. I smoke weed, I drink, yes. And one day that will be gone. My faith is in God but he’s not going to remove it all at once. I’m taking steps and taking steps with him to get where I need to be.”

Plus, DMX has been arrested 25 times since 1994… and we’re pretty sure he’s not yet ready to say goodbye to the inside life (anytime soon). Watch the full interview below:


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