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Dwyane Wade Launches “The Gentleman Tie” Collection + Celebrates The Wade World Foundation’s 10th ANNIVERSARY!

Miami Heat basketball player Dwyane Wade is putting his fashion sense to work, as he launches his first tie collection called, “The Gentleman Tie.”

Dwyane is working hard to keep his fans fly and fashion forward. In order for him to do so, he had to team up with Tie Bar (a Nashville based company) to put together these very stylish men ties that will include bow ties, pocket squares, neckties, tie bars and cuff links.

This fashionister, who didn’t learn to tie to bow tie until he got into the NBA and already has a sock and sneaker line, says:

“I actually didn’t learn to tie a tie until I got into the NBA,” Wade said. “I hated coming out of the hotel, giving Alonzo [Mourning] my tie and asking him to tie it for me before we walked into the arena.”

He adds:

“A gentleman always knows the time Timing is everything, and Wade understands this. He knows there is a time for humor and charm, just as there is a time for determination and aggression. 

This means a gentleman is never defined by one emotion or state of mind. A gentleman knows when to woo an audience through laughter, or when to rally his troops through a show of intensity. A gentleman always knows the time, and sets the mood.”

Wade, who also keeps 400 ties in rotation every year, admits that ties are one of his sartorial vices and he favors the Windsor knots:

“I don’t do the steamer. On the road, when I get into the hotel, right away I call down [to the hotel staff] as soon as I get in,” he said. “I learned that from the older guys. I’m that guy right there.”

This new collection makes its debut in November.

Also, on Friday the basketball superstar went back to Chicago to kick off his Wade’s World Foundation 10th anniversary celebration Gala held at the Peninsula Hotel.

The foundation provides programs and opportunities for young youths at-risk, and also promote education, health and social skills.

The 31-year-old even unveiled his new “Choose to Live, Live to Dream” campaign and the introduction of the 2013 Excellence in Philanthropy Award during the event. 

Among the recipients were Steve Harvey and his wife Marjorie. They were honored for their profound commitment to youth. Other guests included Mindless Behavior, Brandon Marshall, Dr. Ian Smith, Otis Wilson, Kenny Williams and T.J. Holmes.

Dwyane’s mother Jolinda and his sister Tragil Wade were also in attendance.

And on Saturday  the baller put on his game face and chilled with the young-youth while having blast in the process.

See more pics HERE! Check out Mindless Behavior taking the stage for Day 2 of the festivities below:


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