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HELL NO! Tan Mom Joins The “Twerking” Epidemic!…. Has This Twerking Thing Gone Too Far?

After former Disney’s Child star, Miley Cyrus declared herself a leader of the “Twerk Team” earlier this year, fans quickly followed and went as far as to challenge the self-proclaimed ‘Twerk Queen’.

Has it gone too far now that Patricia Krentcil, formerly known as the Tan Mom, has joined the twerking epidemic?

And it’s bad enough that we have to see her orange skin all over the internet, but to be twerking in a Pam Anderson Baywatch bathing suit, upside-down! Is just wrong!


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  1. FreshAsFrankie

    September 14, 2013 at 5:06 pm

    o wow lol really doe.

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