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Ja Rule Shuts Down Rumors About Him Sleeping With Ashanti + Irv Gotti Talks Beefing With Jay Z & J.Lo On The Breakfast Club!

Rapper Ja Rule and producer Irv Gotti dropped by “The Breakfast Club” on Thursday morning to set a few records straight.

Both Irv Gotti and Ja Rule had a one hour in-dept conversation about their days as bad boys, beefing with other entertainers, sleeping with female label-mates, and once being on-top in the music industry.

Here are the highlights:

On producing “Superugly” and ruining his friendship with Jay Z:

I wanna do great, great things. Nas is my brother. I would’ve shed blood with these guys. But me and Jay is…I’ve know Jay since’ 87. I should’ve never did that. It worked out great for Nas. It tarnished me and Jay’s relationship a lot. It’s nothing I could say. He’s right. I was 100% wrong. It was a mistake that I made. I’m stupid and crazy.

On if he ever slept with Ashanti:

Here’s the real, me and Ashanti have a unique and special bond. We made great music together. No, we didn’t have sex. I never slept with Ashanti. Let me tell you about our relationship. Listen, we at Murda Inc. is like a family. What happened when I fell upon hard times, certain people bailed. She bailed. I’m a cancer. We love hard and we hate hard. I don’t care what I’m going through. Like ride with me. Still ride. She didn’t wanna be a part of Murda Inc. no more. She’s this princess that I created and the ‘murder’ wasn’t good for her image anymore.

On what happened between Irv and Jennifer Lopez: 

“[laughing] Now, my friendship with J. Lo ended shortly after I told ELLE Magazine that she had a “weak” voice and needs a man like me to produce her because she couldn’t compete with Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. But in my defense….’I was high on Ecstasy.'”

On If they had ever done drugs:

“Well, ecstasy was good. We made all those records you love. We was very high back then.”

Watch the full interview below:


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