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Kanye West Is Such A DIVA For Making These Outrageous Demands!

We all know Kanye West likes to go on rants and yell at the paparazzi, but I bet you didn’t know he likes the carpet ironed. That’s right, ironed!

According to Radar Online, for the rapper’s upcoming appearance on BBC’s Later with Jools Holland talk show, West ordered the show’s staff to iron the carpet in his dressing room.

“Kanye apparently shocked the staff by ‘insisting they iron his dressing room carpet before he recorded his spot on the show.'”

He also demanded that everything in the dressing room MUST be white. Now is he for real? Or is it a case of him saying to himself, “I wonder what I can get these people to do?”

I can’t imagine him being that serious, but then again we’re talking about Kanye who has done stranger things. Maybe, it’s some of that Kardashian charm rubbing off on him.


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  1. yep

    September 20, 2013 at 4:01 am

    He's a corn ball and must have forgot where he came from & how he never had sh!!t & even though to be exaggerating like that..maybehe needs to fall on his face much harder then a wired up jaw. Teach him to respect money,& people

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