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Keyshia Cole’s Husband Daniel Gibson CONFIRMS They’re Having Marital Problems!

I guess someone needs stop stalking Twitter peeps and pay more attention to their husband!

Keyshia Cole‘s husband Daniel “Boobie” Gibson recently took to Twitter to confirm that he and the R&B songstress are currently going through some marital problems.

But before telling the whole world his personal problems at home, Gibson attacked MTO for spreading lies about him cheating on his wife after Cole announced earlier this week that she’s saying goodbye to Cleveland and had come back to remove things from the house:

#Cleveland has been amazingly sweet to my husband and I! We’ve created lots of memory’s here! LoL!! But now it’s time to say ByeBye! Had to come get all our things from the house! Bitter/Sweet Love you Cleveland!

“Trust no b-tch,” “Feelings OFF” and “Sometimes you get pushed to the limit.”

The publication quickly typed up a story –without any proof of them splitting– claiming [Gibson] had ‘allegedly’ cheated on Cole and got another woman pregnant. He however denied the claims by saying:

He then added:

The baller then ended his rant on Instagram with:

“If you could start over with one person in the world, who would it be? What would you do different?”

Um okay!… Cole also sent out a tweet (subliminally replying to her Cleveland Cavaliers hubby):

These days I guess its therapeutic for celebrities to vent on social media sites without thinking about hurting each other or the damage it might cause to their relationship.
Also, Boobie is not exactly having the best year ever now that he’s unemployed due the multiple injuries he sustained on the court. Hopefully, things get better instead of worse.


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