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LeBron James’ Latina Mistress Crashed His California Wedding To Stop Him From Marrying Savannah + Shares A Kiss With Brinson In Rome!

I guess not every baller is squeaky clean!

Over the weekend, Miami Heat baller LeBron James almost had a run in with his Latina mistress named, Aljaree “AJ” Williams, a Columbia/South Carolina native, at his lavish wedding ceremony to Savannah Brinson in San Diego, California.

Black Sports Online reports:

With all that fabulousness inside, there was some messiness outside, where Williams “allegedly” tried to crash the wedding. 

The vixen, who was denied entry, claimed she knew LeBron and wanted to say her piece. Fortunately, she couldn’t make it past the armed security guards and was forcibly removed without disturbing guests inside. So sad and pitiful. 

In another story, there was reportedly another woman who crashed Lebron’s wedding and this lady got in and even took a picture with Coach Spo. Meredith Kaloogian, an aspiring investigative reporter, says she was able to make her way past top notch security into the event. Although she didn’t give details on the ceremony or reception, she did say it was filled with love.

Plus, AJ have been reportedly linked to Trey Songz and conveniently kept a condo across the street from American Airlines Arena. She is however characterized as somewhat of a cornball, via Bossip.

Leaving the past [AJ] behind…The newly-wed couple is currently on their honeymoon in Rome and is said to be having the time of their life.

James shared the above photo of them sharing a kiss on Instagram with caption: “When u have someone that’s always there for you no matter the ups and downs in life, it makes it all worth living for! So happy to call u Mrs. Savannah James #MyQueen #Backbone #QueenJames #Honeymoon”

His wife quickly replied with: “Before I met my husband. I would have never fallen in love. I had stepped in it a few times. So I’m happy to call you my husband.”

Awww…so sweet!


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