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“Love & Hip Hop ATL” Promise B Mae Talks Mimi Faust Beef, Stevie J Diss Track, Having An ABORTION & Confirms Vh1 Casting!

“Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” Promise B Mae is pulling a Joseline Hernandez by aborting Stevie J’s seed!

We recently reported that Promise B, one of the Stevie’s LATEST — surely not his LAST — victim, had signed on for the upcoming new season of the VH1 hit show. But what we didn’t know is that home girl recently had an abortion and has a beef with Mimi Faust.

Here’s what she told MstarzNews, when asked about her pregnancy:

“Unfortunately, I’m no longer pregnant. That’s a decision I thought long and hard about and I just felt like this is not the situation. Although, I am a grown woman and I should of thought about that before we did what we did… but things happened and I’m only human.”

The new reality star and aspiring rapstress also took the opportunity to respond to fans who attacked her on Twitter claiming she was exploiting Stevie J for money:

“I make my own money and a lot of people on Twitter and Instagram say ridiculous stuff like ‘Oh yea you better get him for child support,’ I don’t have time for that, I make my own money and been doing that, so I don’t need nobody for no money. I have a lot of things going on. First and foremost I’m a music artist, and I just didn’t think this wasn’t the right time.”

She sure told ya’ll!

Plus, a few months ago the rapstress released a diss track titled “Stevie” dissing Joseline and her new husband. Although, everyone took the jabs as a direct hit to the reality stars, Promise explained that the track was never intended to “diss” Stevie J….yeah right!

“The song was not meant to be diss track. Now the guy that I have on the track with me is a long time friend and we go way back, he’s like a brother to me” she continued, “I heard what he said and I said ‘oh s–t, this finna make it diss track.’ Although, I threw jabs a Joseline it wasn’t suppose to be a diss track towards Stevie J, But when my homeboy laid down what he laid down I couldn’t say no don’t do that because that’s kind of like my brother and I was just like ‘F-k it’ lets take it all the way.”

And as for Mimi calling her out during an interview with “The Streetz Morning Grind” telling Promise “Keep my name out your mouth,” she did fire back at Mimi saying:

“I do not know you. And you do not know me either and I don’t understand how your going to go on a radio show and say ‘leave my name out your mouth..because you don’t know me. But at the same time, my name is in your mouth and it shouldn’t be.”

Wait, I thought you had a new Ni-a… Nikko..right? So why are you worried about anything Stevie has going on and your not with him anymore. So sit your old ass down and get in a rocking chair like a grandma should and shut the F-k up. Just like your Ni-a said ‘you’re damaged goods’ and you belong on a shelf somewhere all by your lonesome. You don’t want it with me, I’m not hard to find and leave my name out your mouth!”

Lastly, Promise did not deny or confirm her new reality show gig, but she did however say, “stay tuned to see what happens.” Which seems like a definite confirm to me.


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