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Miley Cyrus FINALLY Opens Up About Her Downfall With Liam Hemsworth + Pharrell Being A Major Fashion Influence Of hers!

Earlier this month, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth called off their engagement and went their separate ways after dating for more than two years and with neither one of them commenting on what caused the split.

Now in the November issue of Fashion Magazine, Cyrus breaks her silence and sheds some light on the downfall with 23-year-old Hemsworth.

When asked about her “Drive” single from her upcoming Bangerz album, she replied with:

“I wrote that song while I was working on Valentine’s Day — emotionally it was such a hard time,” the 20-year-old told the magazine. It’s hard not to assume she’s talking about her ex-boyfriend and we’re guessing the relationship was truly over from February of this year.

She then adds:

“It is about needing to leave someone but not really wanting to completely cut yourself off from the relationship. It’s a time when you want to leave but you can’t. It’s also about moving on.”

Cyrus also chatted about Pharrell Williams being a major fashion influence in her life:

“I’m so adamant and controlling and OCD about my work that I can scare some people—especially when it comes to clothes. I have a very specific style of my own and I think it is better to be stylish than trendy,” she says. “I find vintage Celine or Chanel and mix it with athletic or vintage pieces. Vintage makes everything look punk.”

“Pharrell says it’s not about what you’re wearing; it’s the way you wear it. That was a lesson I took to heart. I think it is important that I execute a look better than other people. Fashion is what separates me from everyone else.”

The former Disney’s child star is certainly proud of the fierce fashion editorial, tweeting, “#FASHIONMAG #NOVISSUE” to her followers, giving the glossy some added promotional support.


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