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Just a few days after confirming her split from boyfriend Liem Hemsworth, former Disney’s child star Miley Cyrus is already having the time of her life with her new boyfriend and famed producer Mike Will.made.it.

The happy couple was recently captured all cuddled up for Terry Richardson‘s “Terry Diary” photo-shoot. While on set, Miley — who rocked a white top and panties… the same garments she wore in “Wrecking Ball” –- sticks her tongue out toward Mike in one picture and in the other, he’s hugging her very tightly.

I guess these two are ready to go public?! 

Plus, “You’re always gonna make people talk,” Cyrus says in the trailer for her upcoming new documentary called Miley: The Movement, which airs on MTV on Oct. 2.

And as for the many celebrities and critics who continue to judge her “Twerking Skills,” the 20-year-old also added, “You might as well make them talk for, like, two weeks, rather than two seconds.” She sure told ya’ll!

Image credit: Terry Diary

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  1. She is an embarrassment.. & this nasty tongue thing needs to pass already.. when I see her posing like that..I imagine her waiting for cum to poor in her mouth very disturbing lol smh

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