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RATCHETNESS! Gay Rapper “Big Freedia” Sets Guinness Record For Twerking In New York City [Video]

Miley Cyrus has been ‘dethroned!’ And since I have nothing to really say about this story, here’s an interesting comment I read this morning.

“This is just more media propaganda to feminize the black male and further destroy the black community by brainwashing the masses that this is not only acceptable behavior, but to be emulated as well.

When are black people going to wake up and realize this is a calculated attack to further emasculate, divide, dumb down and destroy our people? Case in point. How often does this same media break their necks to showcase the best of hardworking, straight, married black males taking care of family and business in our community?”

Do you agree?…And while your thinking about it, watch the video below to see what took place yesterday in the BIG APPLE (via FUSE):


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