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Russell Simmons SPEAKS ON The Harriet Tubman Sex Tape Video On Arsenio Hall’s Late Night Show; Says, “Worst Idea Of My Life”

Russell Simmons recently appeared on Arsenio Hall‘s late night talk, and chatted about stirring up some controversy with his Harriet Tubman sex tape spoof video, which quickly went viral after its release over the Summer.

Simmons says he took the heat for the video even though he didn’t produce or had nothing to do with the concept of the video. He further explained:

“I’ve done lots of comedy in bad taste, lots of poetry that offended people, lots of music that people felt hurt by, but I always stood by it, but this particular piece, when I understood how hurt people were, I pulled it down.” 

“It was this idea that a slave took advantage of a slave master, blackmailed him and it really struck a nerve in people and hurt feelings.”

The hip-hop mogul said the response made him feel pinned down like fallen food entrepreneur Paula Deen, who was fired from her gig at the Food Network and lost a slew of business deals following her racial slur scandal.

“Certain people were outraged and they wouldn’t let it go,” he continued, noting that the NAACP had forgiven him. “It’s been very tough for me. They tried to make me into Paula Deen (laughs) but I wanna move past that.”

Do you still hold Mr. Simmons accountable for not overlooking what is being posted on his website or have you forgiven him because you weren’t offend by the spoof video? Let me know below…. I’ll respond via comment.



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  1. twanatells

    September 21, 2013 at 11:28 pm

    Russell Simmons is a ass hole for that tape

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