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Well, I could careless if a hater doesn’t like my comment…but I sure love me some messy RiRi!

Last night, 25-year-old Rihanna uploaded a Instagram video of her hairstylist Yusef with a wig on–impersonating her rival Teyana Taylor— singing Anita Baker’s “Rapture.” The same song Teyana captured herself singing and shared it two weeks ago on Instagram.

Here is Teyana’s version of the song:

And once Teyana got a hold of the video due to the fact that many of Rihanna’s Navy fans were tagging the Harlem-native’s name in their comments. She quickly replied with:

Wait there’s more!.. Teyana also took to her Instagram account and spoke about female rappers hating on each other, adding, “Indirect will get you…directly f—ed up!”

And catching up to the rapture of–no love! Teyana also took shots at Melissa Forde and the NAVY:

Rihanna then responded with:
The once best gal pals have been beefing for quite some time now. And it all started when Teyana accused the Bajan pop star of jacking her style.

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