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Tasha Marbury CONFIRMS Baller Hubby Stephon Paid Mistress $1 Million To Stay QUIET + Tami Roman Being MESSY!

“Basketball Wives: Miami” newcomer Tasha Marbury finally comes clean about her baller hubby Stephon Marbury‘s dirty cheating ways– a piece of juicy information Tasha’s friend Evelyn Lozado revealed in one of her books a few years ago.

In the upcoming new episode of “Basketball Wives: Miami” (airing tonight), Tasha confirms that Stephon — whom she tried to protect his image — had an affair with their personal chef Thurayyah Mitchell, and they both offered her nearly $1 million to stay quiet, because the Knicks was already dealing with a sexual-harassment problem at the time.

“It’s a true story…It happened. It’s over with. It’s in the past. Things happen. Why y’all get all…I saw Tami head ducking and dodging. What you ducking and dodging for?”

“It did happen. And I don’t have a problem discussing or talking about it. But it’s not gonna be something that I talk about forever ’cause it’s old, it’s stale. It is what it is…Listen, we all make mistakes.”

Reality star Suzie, who brought up the story over a girls dinner, decided to make the conversation even more awkward when she questioned Tasha about the chef’s looks. Tasha replied with:

“Girl, let’s not give that child too much energy…Let her take her little money and keep it moving…She saw a come up and she ran with it.”

Plus, Tami Roman also appeared to have set up Suzie, who she asked to get the deets on Tasha’s story. Check out the trailer below:


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