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Tyga SUED By A Fourth Video Vixen After He “Made It Nasty” On Set!

Rapper Tyga is probably somewhere in his home or at a nightclub– since its Friday — wishing he never made it nasty with four video vixens while on set shooting the video for his hit track, “Make It Nasty.”

TMZ reports:

The woman, Allison Brown, is suing Tyga and his record label …Young Money Entertainment— claiming she was approached in November, 2011 by a man who said he was tight with Tyga, and she had a “good look” for his music video.

In the suit, Brown claims she showed up for the shoot at a Hollywood Hills mansion where producers proceeded to ply her with booze — even though she was only 20-years-old at the time. She alleges no one ever asked for ID.

This is when things took a nasty turn, according to the suit. Brown claims someone in a yellow rabbit costume grabbed her from behind her hips and started dry humping her — and when she pulled away from the rabbit … another man on set grabbed her breast.

In addition, Brown alleges she had been coerced to remove her top … and promised her nipples would not be exposed in the final edit of the video.

Also, three other women have already filed a similar suit against Tyga … claiming their boobs were exposed to the world when the video was released.

Brown is suing Tyga for sexual battery and a slew of other despicable acts … including fraud, invasion of privacy, and infliction of emotional distress.

Blac Chyna you better check your man!


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