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ABC’s ‘Scandal’ FULL VIDEO: Fitz & Olivia’s Affair Revealed On Season 3 Premiere!

Last night’s season three premiere of Kerry Washinton‘s ABC show, “Scandal” was by far the biggest and most explosive one hour with many plots and twists along with the revealing of her character Olivia Pope’s affair with President Fitzgerald (played by Tony Goldwyn).

Fitz, who was behind the affair being leaked to the media by telling his chatty White House security guy, admits to the First Lady Mellie (played by Bellamy Young), “I am in love with a woman who is not my wife.” In hopes to divorce his wife and have Olivia has his First Lady. After that comment, I think I died a thousand deaths!

Despite the series being scripted, daddy Pope is such a sneaky bastard for forcing her to leave the country now that her name is in the public eye. And for almost doing just that, Olivia had a changed of heart and decides to stay and fix the issue at hand.

Plus, I just have to say that her white jacket and Prada purse was everything!

Watch the full video below:

Or here without the constant Ad interruptions:

Be sure to tune in every Thursday for a new episode of Scandal at 10 p.m ET on ABC!


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