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Behind The Scenes: Pharrell Williams MODELS New Moncler “Lunettes” Men’s Eyewear Collection & Talks Turning 40!

Singer and fashion designer Pharrell Williams is giving his fans a behind the scenes look at his futuristic and space travel motifs echoed collection called “Lunettes. A collection he specially designed with fashion brand Moncler.

The “Get Lucky” singer sat down with to talk about the new men’s eyewear collection, being a musician and fashion designer, turning 40 and whether or not he’s a workaholic.

Here’s the highlights:

What is the Moncler Lunette featuring Pharrell Williams inspiration?

The collection’s inspiration is Le Corbusier – classic silhouettes, reading glasses, all with a contemporaneity take. In this project we wanted to celebrate the silhouette, rather than the branding of Moncler and that’s the genius of Moncler. We put the branding into the idea versus putting the idea on the branding. And you can see this just by looking at the frames!

You’re a musician, an artist, and now a fashion designer? What is your relationship with fashion?

A very good way to look at a certain society is to look at its art, design and fashion. They reflect what is going on at that time collectively. Art in the broader sense being either music, architecture, poetry, or fashion is a reflection of what we were either feeling or thinking at that particular time. Artists are reflecting what is coming true to them at that moment, so perhaps now it doesn’t make sense anymore to have boundaries among art, music and fashion. Art, music, and fashion are synonymous with the present position of humanity and these are what they will always be.

How would you describe your relationship with Moncler?

I have collaborated with Moncler in the past to create a bulletproof jacket. I loved the experience and I have lot of respect for Remo Ruffini and his team, they have great ideas and they believe in putting lots of love and effort into the product, this being either a duvet jacket or a pair of sunglasses.

How do you feel about being at number 1 again?

Did you plan this or do you think you’re a lucky person? You can’t plan this, because it’s decided on by the people. It’s a collective of individuals who are choosing you. You have to be thankful. And yes, I do feel incredibly lucky and incredibly blessed – I pinch myself all the time.

You just turned 40 years old, how do you feel about this?

When I turned 40 years old I realized there are no mistakes and no accidents. You have to properly read all things that are happening. Your movements and behavior need to be choreographed, while your intuition should be free, it should have no boundaries. You have an opportunity to do great things and when you look down and you realize that you’re standing on mud, but one day you’re going to make footprints. You can put some geometry into it to make sense. And this intention comes with time and confidence. This is why we’re on this planet, you’re made of flesh but inside there’s spirit. You came on this planet for a purpose and you have to discover who you are and where you’re heading. Once you realize this everything you do and everything that comes along the way has a purpose.

Are you a workaholic?

I probably am, but I think there are lots of people that work harder than I do. I strongly believe that you have to be interested in what you do. And I dedicate so much of my time to music, it’s so much fun.

Plus, Williams is set to wed his longtime girlfriend and baby mother Helen on Saturday (Oct. 12). Get the FULL DETAILS HERE.



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