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Conrad Murray Living Life On The Outside.. Never Wants To See The Inside of Jail Cell AGAIN! [PHOTOS]

Dr. Conrad Murray is living life on the outside and was spotted chowing down on some good food yesterday since his release from prison early Monday morning at 12:01 AM.

Thanks to the L.A. County Sheriff’s Dept., the paparazzi wasn’t able to invade Murray’s GRAND EXIT!

Murray all grayed up and looked like he was on Jenny Craig’s diet program — well then again two years in prison does do that to a person — was spotted having his post-jail-meal at In-N-Out in Los Angeles on Monday afternoon.

The Doc’s first meal cost him only $8.94, including two double-doubles, something he probably dreamed about for 24 months.

Plus, Conrad, whose mother just flew in from Trinidad to make him a delicious, home-cooked meal, is currently spending time with his girlfriend and baby mama Nicole Alvarez at an undisclosed location.

TMZ is just all up in this man’s bizness, reports the mom prepared her son’s favorite dish curry chicken and roti (a flat bread — an old Indian tradition — my fav too) on Monday.

Murray is still trying to figure out whether he’ll stay in Cali or go back to Texas. According to close friends, Conrad never wants to see the inside of jail cell ever again!

FYI: The old man looked business casual after wearing standard issued orange for the past 2 years.


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