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Former “Basketball Wives: Miami” reality star Evelyn Lozada is calling out Tami Roman and her fakeness during a recent interview with Ok! Magazine.

Evelyn chatted with magazine about getting positive feedback on season 5 of ‘BBW’, whether or not she still keeps in touch with past cast mates including Jenifer Williams, and singles out fake and real friends. Tami and Tasha Marbury is singled out as ‘fake.’ Ev says her friendship with Tami and Tasha is now “non-existent.”

On not fighting or being a hot-head this season:

When I made a promise to change on [last season’s] reunion, I meant what I said. I wasn’t just saying it to appease the followers or just because there was all this controversy.

You know, I worked on myself and I really said ‘I need to change,’ and I think that the viewers see that.

On the response she’s gotten from fans during season 5 so far:

For the most part people have been very very positive. They know I’m not on the show this season acting. I think you can really tell that my pain and emotions are very real. Unfortunately I’m crying probably 8 out of the 10 episodes. But I feel like I signed on to do reality tv and that was my reality at the time. So, I didn’t wanna be fake.

I felt like I needed to show the viewers, and especially, I know there’s a lot of young girls that watch the show, just to see what I went through. Like I made the mistake of staying with somebody, and you know I went through the motions…I got therapy and I got a life coach. So, it was important for me to show that.

On whether or not she’s still friends with anyone who has left the show:

No. I mean, I came into the show season 1. I was the first one that Shaunie asked to be on the show. We were really good friends before this entire thing happened, not knowing that it was gonna become something big. And no, I’m really not.

The only one that I’m friends with is Shaunie. I may talk to Suzie from time to time…I don’t tell her any secrets or anything like that (laughs.) But I mean other than that, I’m just at a point in my life where I really just want real friends. I don’t want the fake, part time friends. It’s just….I’m too grown for that.

Evelyn also dished on what was going on with her behind the scenes during last season’s reunion, Chad’s family having to relive the domestic violence incident because of the show and more.

You can check out the full video OK! TV interview HERE.

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