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Ms. Mona is on #TeamTooMuch!

We just received exclusive word from an inside snitch that producer Mona Scott-Young has added a new jump-off to her ratchet cast of “Black Female Writers” — a new reality show set to burn through our TV screens in 2014.

In the past, the new cast-mate, Jara Everett, has been linked to well-known rappers like Suge Knight and R. Kelly just to name a few.

Jara definitely has a juicy backstory for the VH1 cameras and is a well-established “gold digger,” who has been blazing through famous rappers like there’s no tomorrow. Here’s what we know about Jara (via thepmshowtv):

“She was hailed as Chicago’s most stunning lady by taking home the crown in the Miss Illinois competition. Around this time, she immersed herself in a variety of training related to dancing and singing. She also added another feather to her cap: acting.

Her sheer hard work and determination eventually paid off when she was cast in Beauty Shop 2 by Shelly Garrett, and she performed in more than 20 states. In between tours, she’s in front of the camera as part of Ladies of Englewood, an independent film of David Lee and Kim King.

At such a young age, Jara Everett’s career was already in full swing. She continued to act in independent films, penned her songs, danced, and, most of all, performed rap. In fact, it was her latest talent that got her to work alongside some of the most iconic and controversial hip hop moguls like Nate the Great, Shawty Redd, and Young Jeezy. She was featured in songs such as “Trick Trick,” “Burning Up,” and “Get Off Me.”

Interestingly, her personal life was just as hot as her professional work. Her experiences in working, meeting, and establishing relationships with Martin Lawrence, Gary Busey, Suge Knight, Tupac, and R. Kelly, among others, were then the bases of her book entitled Jump Off.

Everett will be joining the already attention sloring cast Karrine StephanNikki TurnerTiffany Chiles and Carmen Bryan.

FYI: Porn is actually acting okay people! lol

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