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Rapper Jim Jones was arrested early Wednesday morning in the Bronx for driving under the influence, but the rapper was not drunk…he was just driving HIGH!

The 37-year-old Harlem native, whose real name is Joseph Guillermo Jones II, was charged for driving under the influence of drugs in the first degree after failing several field sobriety tests. According to reports, NYPD believed he was high on marijuana at the time of his early morning high speed cruise.

According to TMZ, Jones was reportedly out of it while sporting bloodshot eyes:

NYPD pulled JJ over around 2 AM for speeding on a highway … and when officers approached his Chevy Impala (baller) — they say he had bloodshot eyes and looked out of it.

This goes to show you that anyone these days can get a DUI even if your just smoking weed and driving at the same damn time.

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