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Kris Jenner’s Sister ‘Karen’ TELLS ALL; Confirms Kris And Bruce Jenner Are Separated!

Kris Jenner‘s younger sister Karen Houghton recently sat down for an interview with InTouch Weekly to talk about the current state of Kris and Bruce Jenner‘s marriage while revealing some juicy Kardashian secrets.

Houghton confirmed to the magazine that duo are in fact separated — making this the first (somewhat official) confirmation of the many swirling divorce rumors.

“[Kris and Bruce] are separated,” Karen confirms to In Touch, adding that he has “sought out a lawyer.” But despite their separation and frequent fights, Kris and Bruce “still do things together,” says Karen. “Their relationship goes back and forth. I would love to see them get back together.”

Now, you have to believe that Kris Jenner might have orchestrated this whole thing. She’s in control of everything and I find it hard to believe she would let her sister put this out without trying to stop it, if she didn’t want it out.

But she is Kris’ sister, so she could just be out for a little fame of her own.

Do you think this will spell the end of Kardashian reality show. Or if Kris will go wild and snag herself a younger beau, which is clearly what she’s after with all the plastic surgeries she had done in the past.


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