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“Love & Hip Hop: NY” K. Michelle BLAMES Herself For Failed Relationship With Baller Lance & Talks About Tamar Braxton Beef!

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After announcing earlier this month that she’s no longer dating NBA baller Lance Stephenson, singer K. Michelle recently appeared on “The Skorpion Show” to discuss her booming music career, failed relationship with Stephenson and her on-going feud with Tamar Braxton.

When asked about what caused the break up between her and Lance, the “Love & Hip Hop: NY” reality star replied:

“He’s cool, he’s a sweetheart. When I have mental issues going on I’m talking about me its very hard to get into a new relationship. There was a big age gap in that situation and I’m just a handful… 

I know I’m a lot and to ask a 23-year-old to understand this job to and being 23 and trying to date somebody you never dated an artist or things like that. Then you’re in the NBA, you want to sling d-ck and be 23 and I’m not having it.”

HOLD UP! WAIT A MINUTE! LET ME PUT MY TWO STEP IN IT! Was she trying to FINALLY tell us  she’s in her 30’s?! “There was a big age gap in that situation and I’m just a handful…” sounds like a ‘yes’ to me.

She also chatted about her feud with Tamar and their constant Twitter outburst:

People are gonna always look at K like a bully. I always win arguments [but] just because I win them doesn’t mean I start them. The thing with this situation, I have never come for this lady first, ever. But every time she has commented, I have come back….but I’m the bully. I think this recent time people have started to see: ‘K isn’t saying anything to you.’

For you to be half of a 100, there’s no reason that you still should be coming from me. I’m a newbie. You’ve had five records deals. You’re first album debuted at a 127. There’s no reason that you should be coming for me. I’m sitting back, I’m minding my business. I have done nothing to this woman. I even bought her album, I’ve been very supportive.

Tamar is very quick to go and throw shade at people and go and hider her hands. Excuses for everything. She can go and pick on Nicki [Minaj]. She had the nerve to say that Beyonce wasn’t pregnant. You never come for the queen. You don’t come for Beyonce like that. But she did. She comes for everybody, but then when you attack her or defend yourself, you’re a bully. Thats not how it goes in America. I don’t need Vince. I’m not scared of nobody. I’mma say what the f*ck I feel. You’re one big joke, its easy for me to tell you about yourself.

Watch the full interview below:


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