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“NOT ON MY WATCH” — Kid Cudi Pushes Fan Off Of Stage In Houston! [VIDEO]

During his Cud Life Tour stop featuring Big Sean, Tyler The Creator and Logic in Houston earlier this week. Rapper Kid Cudi was caught on tape wrestling a fan after the fan hopped on stage without his consent.

While performing his “Cudi Zone” and seen in some bizarre Iron Man outfit on stage, the rapper suddenly paused in the middle of his performance and ran across the stage to attack his loyal fan. He had no time for small talk immediately pushing the unidentified man.

In the video, Kid continued to push the man until he hits the floor. Cudi then returned to his performance proclaiming victory by saying, “not on my watch.” Of course camera’s caught the incident, why wouldn’t they- camera’s are everywhere!

We’re giving you our readers all angles of the incident below:

Cudi also announced that he will be releasing a new prelude EP within the next three months and will give us a sample of his next album, Man On The Moon 3. The album, he said, isn’t set to be released until 2015 (yes I said 2015).


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