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Rihanna Talks Personal Style, Feeling Trapped By Fans & Paying Haters Attention In GLAMOUR Mag + More Photos From The SPREAD!

25-year-old Rihanna, who is Glamour Magazine‘s November issue cover girl, dished to the magazine about how she creates her signature look, and why she’s so psyched about her new show, “Styled to Rock.”

Here’s what the Bajan superstar had to say during her cover-shoot in Barbados:

On when fans call her Robyn:

“My head just flies around because I feel like that person knows me.”

On her personal style:

“I love experimenting with fashion. I Love fusing things together. It’s more of a dare for me. I’m a very adventurous person and I take that out on my closet…really [laugh]. I just like to get in there and make the impossible work. 

Whenever I go shopping, I like to buy odd pieces so I can force myself to figure it out and that’s the challenge in fashion for me. I love taking, it makes it fun. That’s what fashion is there for. It’s there to play. It’s there to express yourself and express your personal style.”

The singer also talked about her ‘makeup must-have:’

“The one beauty product I cannot live without is my lipstick. I have to have lipstick everywhere I go. You just never know when your outfit is just going to come down to jeans and t-shirt. You need that red-lipstick to make it complete. Give lil’ boom!”

On her “Style to Rock” fashion reality show:

“‘Style to Rock’ is a show and really an opportunity to give young designers who don’t have access to these opportunities to design. And the judges for me are people that I look up to in fashion.

On the show’s fashion mentors:

Pharrell Williams for me is one of the most effortlessly stylish men on the planet. Erin Wasson; she is a bad ass. Mel Ottenberg; He’s my personal stylist and my secret weapon.”

On feeling trapped by her fans:

There’s stuff like not being able to walk around as I please. I feel like I’m being watched. Always. Like, I want to tan topless somewhere, and I know I probably could never do that. Even if I’m upstairs in my bedroom, and the curtains are pulled, I feel like a paparazzo’s outside on a boat somewhere or somebody’s peeping.

Check out more photos from Rihanna’s Glamour spread below:

Rihanna also talked about “learning to be fearless –again:”

I had to regain my fearlessness because it did go away for a little bit. My mother said something to me a few years ago: “I’ve seen something in your eyes I’ve never seen before: fear.” She was like, “No, this is not you.” I just got back to being OK with myself.

On music telling her story:

One hundred percent. Music helps me tell my story. That’s where I can really be heard. But there’s so much focus on the things that aren’t music.

On paying haters attention and being misunderstood:

I can’t run from it. You can’t change who you are. It’s important for me to know who I am and work with that. They’re gonna keep knocking away until all this comes crashing down. But I’m not gonna ever crash. I’m in control.

She adds about being misunderstood: 

I know I am. That’s why it’s important for me to know who I am. There’s no way for people to know me. All they have are a couple of pictures and some crazy headlines to go off of.

Be sure to cop the November issue of Glamour magazine on newsstands tomorrow October 8th.


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