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RUMOR-MILL: Nick Cannon Cheating On Mariah Carey With Sheneka Adams?

Is Nick Cannon cheating on Mariah Carey? Can someone be in their right mind to actually cheat on Mariah? I know she’s getting up there in age, but she’s the mother of two and has never looked hotter.
Here’s what the HollywoodStreetKing has uncovered about Nick’s ‘rumored” hook up with one of his Wild ‘N Out models:

“Nick Cannon is creeping on Mimi with Sheneka Adams from his Wild ‘N Out show.”

Wow they even name dropped the model. And to make matters worse for the actor and Mariah’s marriage, Adam is reportedly not the only model on the show that wants a piece of the “Cannon.”

Do you believe this ish? I sorta don’t…


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