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VIDEO: Russell Brand Admits To Getting Down With A Gay Man!

The ex-husband of pop singer Katy Perry and a successful comedian and actor in his own right, Russell Brand, made a shocking revelation about picking up a man at a gay bar.

The 38-year-old recalled a time when he was working on a show called “Re: Brand,” described as a show about exploring taboos.

Radar Online reports that he was trawling gay bars and found a man to pleasure him inside a male restroom.

He says: “I w**ked off a man in a toilet. I thought, ‘I think of myself as heterosexual but perhaps that’s ‘cause of the environment that I grew up in where homosexuality may have been difficult for me to express.”

He admits being addicted to heroin at the time when this all went done. Why admit to it now? Clearly if it wasn’t out before nobody remembers it even happened. He could just be trying to shock everyone with an incredible story. NOT!

Check out the video below:


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