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Say it loud, RATCHETNESS! Mona Scott-Young Recruits A Bunch of Jump-Offs For New Reality Show.. Karrine Stephans In The Mix!

If you are a jump-off and have written a best selling “TELL-ALL” book about who you have slept with in the industry? Then shoot producer Mona Scott-Young an email to be apart of her new upcoming project about black female writers.

Over the weekend, Nas‘ baby mama, Carmen Bryan (known for writing tell-all books and putting her baby daddy on blast), hinted that she’ll soon be entering the realm of reality television when she tweeted, “I know I said I would never do a reality show… I changed by mind.”

You know that’s the only way Ms. Thang going to cash some steady checks and to promote her upcoming tell-all about Nas and Jay-Z.

According to 4umf, the tweet immediately sparked speculation that Bryan had joined the cast of “Love & Hip Hop: New York.” But on Monday, that rumor was pretty much laid to rest when VH1 unveiled the show’s latest cast (including three new cast members.)

The site adds: 

What would make more sense is hip-hop’s most notorious baby mama landing a spot on the Los Angeles version of the Love & Hip-Hop franchise (if it gets the greenlight from VH1). This is a little more plausible since Carmen resides in Los Angeles, and I hear Mona and company have been trying to get her involved with Love & Hip-Hopfor a while now. 

Now for what I was told…my source tells me Carmen is already involved in another reality project that Mona is developing – a show about black female writers. 

That particular show may feature (emphasis on MAY)

Carmen, Karrine “Superhead” Steffans, Tiffany Chiles (founder of Don Diva Magazine), Nikki Turner, aka the “Queen of Hip-Hop Fiction”, and a few others (if it sees the light of day). 

Each of the ladies has a backstory that could carry a reality show on its own, but I’m not sure if Nikki, despite her larger than life personality, will be willing to show out enough for VH1′s cameras. Guess we’ll have to see how all of this plays out.

That’s definitely a line up of attention slors! Now go outside and scream “RATCHETNESS!” 


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