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Since 32-year-old Beyonce and hip-hop mogul Jay Z revealed their daughter Blue Ivy‘s full identity to the world with several photos of them strolling around Manhattan, going on family vacations and attending Bey’s “Mrs. Carter World Tour.” Twitter peeps have done nothing more than to slander the 1-year-old toddler’s hair.

By allowing her daughter to be all natural — I’m talking about her hair — and dressed in designer outfits to make up for it, fans have shifted their anger to Ivy’s mother claiming the child’s hair looks-a-lot like “The Weekends.”

Here’s just a few of the several tweets below:

How can people have such disrespectful things to say about a baby!

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  1. People are a bit harsh considering she's a baby HOWEVER, I talked about it myself, what are they doing with her hair??? It looks so dry.

  2. She could at least put some moisturizer and oil in it. Pay somebody to run a comb through it and those collio braids need some attention, if you gone style it don't half step. She can be a natural and still look like somebody cares about her smh

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