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Vivica Fox Says, “I’m No Longer A Cougar!”… But Wait For It.. Sets New Age Limit At “30”

Following her past engagement breakup, Aunt Viv is retiring from her cougarish lifestyle!

The 49-year-old actress, who’s known for rocking the baby cradle, recently sat down with BET to announce that she’s no longer dating men under the age of 30. Here’s what she had to say:

“I used to be so lustful. I would lose my mind over a six pack and a smile, it would get me every time and usually get me in trouble. Pretty eyes, pretty teeth? Forget about it! But, I think now I’m looking for a good partner, just a good man, whereas before it would be mostly physical.”

Vivica Fox then went on to add what she’s currently looking for:

“I need a man who’s a gentleman, more old-fashioned. Someone who I could laugh with and have fun with. I’m trying to date above 30 now. Thirty to 35 is the window. Not saying I won’t make an exception if someone special comes along, though! [Laughs]”

Why the retirement? Fox says she’s almost 50 and felt like it’s time to settle down with good man: 

“The best part is waking up every day and being able to do whatever I want. I don’t have to answer to anybody, ain’t nobody quizzing Vivica about where she’s going or what she’s doing! But seriously, it’s been a couple of years now since I broke up with my fiancé [Omar White], and I think I’m ready to start dating again.”

Do you believe she’s over milking the youngings?

Plus, Vivica was once engaged to 27-year-old Omar “Slim” White, a prominent ATL promoter, who proposed to the Hollywood actress a day after Christmas while vacationing in South Beach, Miami back in 2011.


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