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On Wednesday afternoon, a transgender pageant queen was arrested in New Orleans for injecting silicone or a similar substance into other beauty queens.

Ms. Armani Necole Davenport is said to be the go-to person for getting illegal silicone injections (what we now call a bizarre cocktail fix) and currently holds the title of Miss Gay Texas.

Over the weekend, Davenport, whose real name is Larry Tremell Bernard, had a warrant issued for her arrest in New Orleans after one person she injected with silicone ended up in the hospital, according to N.O police Dept. She is accused of pumping Silicone injections to many inside and out of the Pageantry World without a Medical License.
Another one of his transgender clientele — a regular New Orleans local man — is also said to be in a coma as a result of injections given by Ms. Davenport.
These injections are way cheaper than the actual cosmetic surgery but are known to be painful and cause paralysis and sometimes deadly. There’s no way in hell I would be getting any kind of injections in a hotel room.
According to CrimeBlog, Davenport was booked into the Orleans Parish Prison and charged with Negligent injury. Bail has been set at $50,000.
As we know, the economy is bad, but why would anyone trust something like this, is a coma a fair price to pay for beauty?
This is however not the first time an individual is arrested for playing “doctor” as a local transgender woman was arrested last year — in Miami — for injecting a toxic mixture of cement into the cheeks of one of her clients.

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