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Anthony Mackie Arrested For Alleged Drunk Driving In Harlem!

Anthony Mackie, best known for his role in Top Box office films such as “Tupac Shakur” in Notorious, “Papa Doc” in 8 Mile, and “Agent Shavers” in Runner Runner, was arrested this past Saturday and charged with suspicion of DWI in Harlem, New York.

The 35-year-old actor was originally pulled over for his tinted windows on his 2010 Dodge Challenger around 1:15 am Saturday morning.

During his check point stop, cops noticed Anthony had a “moderate” smell of alcohol and his eyes were “watery and blood shot”.

He was then given a sobriety test but refused a breathalyzer and reportedly failed the field portions of the test.

Anthony, who was placed under arrest, has a court date set for December 19th, according to the Associated Press.


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