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That’s right! Former big man and American Idol winner Ruben Studdard has dropped 104 pounds since joining the “Biggest Loser.”

Studdard signed on to do the show at an unbelievable starting weight of 462 pounds with his motivation to work hard and lose the weight.

The singer has continued his plan of action despite being eliminated from the show last week and currently weighs 358-pounds.

The singer laid out his plan for continued success, via American Idol Net:

“Ruben Studdard said in a press conference call after his elimination that he has “taken on a promise to myself to have a more active lifestyle.” He says that so far he is doing great and “still on the same plan I was on, and I’m just moving forward.”

A caffeine pill cheating scandal rocked the show and allowed Ruben to return after being eliminated last week and this will surely help him down his path to a healthier lifestyle.

Congrats Ruben! Now let’s get you back in the studio!

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