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Chris Brown Countersues In Frank Ocean’s Parking Lot Fight!

Things have been pretty quiet for Chris Brown since he checked himself into a rehab facility for anger management, late October following his arrest in D.C.

But the “Fine China” singer is still making headlines from the being on the inside.

If you can remember, back in January Breezy and R&B singer Frank Ocean was involved in a big parking lot brawl along with their respective entourage outside a recording studio in West Hollywood.

A few months later — August to be exact– Breezy was slapped with a lawsuit by Sha’keir Duarte, who claims he suffered injuries from the fight …wait for it…. while demanding $2 million from the singer.

Now, Chris is fighting back — in this case using legal means — by filing a countersuit claiming he was threatened before punches were thrown, reports TMZ.

In the filed court docs, Brown claims that “Sha’keir Duarte provoked the fight by threatening to kill him. He also says that he attempted to avoid the confrontation “with the aggressive and hostile Duarte” but was pushed, punched and kicked.

24-year-old Chris says that the lawsuit is absurd and Duarte, who is Frank’s cousin, is only looking to shake him down for $$$$.


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