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24-year-old Chris Brown has had a rough couple of years due to his 2009 altercation with ex-girlfriend Rihanna, where he brutally attacked the songstress while on their home from the MTV Music Awards, along with several public outbursts with other musicians and civilians.

The couple eventually fought against the odds and got back together in 2012, but the relationship didn’t stand a chance as the young couple was put under heavy media scrutiny– only adding more pressure to their own past demons.

Now fresh from his rehab sting, Chris recently released a downloadable version of his “X” mixtape (due out next month) and one song in particular titled “Love 2 Remember” has fans buzzing that the track is actually about RiRi and sings of making peace and still loving her even though they may never get back together.

Chris sings:

I’m tryna make peace babe, these tears run down my face. So I close my eyes, but we both cry. And you say this is it baby baby. She said she tired of my s**t, she wanna quit. The funny thing, I’ve been good to her. Not doing s**t.

But she think that I’ve been f**king with Keisha – Latoya and Lisa, Dea and Diane, Nicki and Amber.

Got to be out of your damn mind!

Tell me what am I supposed to do. There’s something wrong, I feel it too. Before we used to see each other, now you wanna talk about space – you’ve changed.

You wanna leave me but you can’t tell me.

Why do we argue! Why do we scream!

I wish it was better, I don’t want you to leave. So sick & tired of drinking this bottle. Contemplate, and I feel overdosed, I think that one shot will stop the pain.

For all we know the track could have been about Karrueche Tran, but Chris is known for documenting his “life struggles” by releasing love songs, so this should come as no surprise.

Plus, the singer is currently in a good place as he recently gave up his Hollywood Hills bachelor pad for a town house in a gated community in Malibu.

Brown is also due back in court today (November 20th), where a L.A judge will reportedly review his probation on the attack on his pop star ex-girlfriend and his arrest in D.C., last month.

Check out the track below:


Chris’ “X” album tracklist:

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