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Courtney Stodden And Doug Hutchison CONFIRMS Their Separation: “We will continue being the best of friends for life”

Many manthers out there are probably wishing they could have worked it out while some of us including myself are saying “thank god,” because you know their love/marriage/union was just wrong in so many ways.

Anyhow, tired of the old man d— Courtney Stodden and husband Doug Hutchison have now confirmed their separation after rumors about them getting a divorce went viral last week. In case you didn’t know reports that the couple issued a statement saying:

“After two and a half years of marriage, “Courtney and Doug have decided to become legally separated. This is a mutual and amicable decision that they’re making together. As you know, Courtney was married at a young age. Now, at nineteen, she’s interested in exploring life as an unmarried single young adult–with the freedom to explore her independence. Doug supports Courtney 100%.”

It continues, “The two will share custody of their precious pup, Dourtney, remain living in the same house (for now) in separate bedrooms, and Doug will be co-managing Courtney’s career.” Whew. Thank goodness. I was so concerned as to the well-being of Dourtney (which is totally going to be my next dog’s name, by the way–because I hate animals. ).

The couple reminds fans, “We love each other very much, want for each other’s happiness, and will continue being the best of friends for life.” Um okay.


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