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Eminem On The COVER of Billboard Magazine’s November Issue; Talks New Album & Struggles With Fame!

With his new album “Marshall Mathers LP 2” hitting shelves November 9th (already leaked online) and being a musical guest on the next episode Saturday Night Live, 40-year-old Detroit rapper Eminem is on the latest cover of Billboard Magazine.

The rapper’s Marshall Mathers is back in a big way. I’ve personally heard the new album and I have to be completely honest, I can’t stop listening to it. If you like “Survival”, “Berzerk” or “The Monsters” you’ll enjoy his latest effort. There are several tracks that could be huge hits and club bangerz. The track with Kendrick Lamar is pure genius.

If you weren’t that impressed with Eminem’s last couple of records you will find this EP refreshing as he gets back to his roots and gives a raw recount of his relationships and his opinion of his rap legacy.

As for his Billboard Magazine cover (also out November 9th), Eminem gives an in-depth look at his personal and continued struggle with fame:

“I remember it felt like shit was just flying by me and nothing really seemed real,” Eminem says, recalling the media frenzy of his early years, during which he tangled with, among others, GLAAD and Lynne Cheney, wife of former Vice President Dick Cheney. “When I was making records, I would just take my frustrations out about that. I mean, fuck, here it is 2013 and I still don’t really have a total grasp on it yet and understand it.”

The rapper admitted that he knew the pressure of making a new record and calling it “Marshall Mathers LP2”:

“I kind of just make what I make and however people take to it is how they take to it, or don’t take to it,” he says. “I knew that it would have to match a certain intensity and vibe and feel in order to call it [The Marshall Mathers LP 2]. I want to say I’m confident that I’ve done that, but it’s up to the listener to decide.”

Check out the sneak peek of the interview over at Billboard


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