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Even though it wasn’t an engagement ring, but more of a thank you gift for holding her man down… either way actress Gabrielle Union is damn sure still happy with her new custom made Miami Heat championship ring given to her by her baller beau Dwyane Wade, who tweeted, “Thanks for holding me down.”

According to Page Six, Union, who recently turned 41, was celebrating her birthday at the Hyde Lounge at American Airlines Arena after the Heat’s season opener on Tuesday night.

The baller had received his team’s championship ring earlier that day and though he had to fly to Philadelphia Wednesday night for the Heat’s game against the 76ers, he made a quick stop at Hyde to gift Gabby with the ring.

“Wade walked in with a gift-wrapped box, opened it with her and put it on her finger,” a source said. “He was there for under five minutes.”

Union however continued the night with her girlfriends for a surprise dinner at Catch Miami, and sipped on Moët champagne.

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  1. LMAO! I know right.. Gabby honestly needs to hurry up and stop playing with that little boy because the clock is ticking on that azzzzzz!

  2. I think she's not planning on having kids anytime soon. Girl you is 41 … so don't you think its time to settle down and have a family???? This bish is settling for Basketball Girlfriend title.

  3. Mmm,, hits baby moms must be seriously feeling some typa way hard.. Girl may have kids by him but i'm suede he ain't test her like he do Gabbi

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