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Since 2000 there have been 14 series of Big Brother, and that’s not including the spin-off Celebrity BB, Teen BB, and Ultimate BB shows they put on in between! Set the spin-off series aside and you’ve still got over 100 reality stars who were lucky enough to step in to the BB house, and sit on that legendary chair. That’s a lot of people to play Big Brother Bingo with.

Most of the housemates disappeared after the cameras took their ever-watching eyes off them, but some (usually the ones who made it to the final few), have made some pretty successful strides in the entertainment business.

1 – Craig Phillips won the first series of Big Brother, and even though it was over ten years ago, he still remains one of the more well-known ex Big Bro stars. Craig went on to presenting his own BBC DIY shows, he was regularly featured on the hit comedy Bo Selecta! and he even released his own Christmas single back in 2000. Phillips has reportedly made nearly £5 million since leaving the house – not bad!

2 – When the series made its much anticipated return for series 2, one of the favourites in the house was Brian Dowling. As well as being the overall winner, Brian is arguably the most famous of all the housemates – he now features on ITV’s This Morning, and of course it goes without saying, he took over from Davina to become the new Big Brother presenter.

3 – After coming fourth in series 3 of Big Brother, Jade Goody went on to launch an incredibly lucrative media career. Amongst many other things, Goody released exercise DVDs, wrote self-help books and launched her own line of perfume – sadly, Jade passed away in 2009.

4 – Kate Lawler won Big Brother 3, with a massive 58 per cent of the vote. She now has a successful modelling career, and is a radio DJ for Key 103 – in 2012 she launched her own record label.

5 – Nasty Nick Bateman cashed in on his fame like a true evil mastermind would – he signed some very lucrative book and magazine deals, and now he buys and sells property overseas – boo hiss!

6 – I know we said we wouldn’t mention the Celebrity Big Brother spin-off, but this one is an exception. Chantelle Houghton was the only non-celebrity to enter in to the Celebrity Big Brother House, in a kind of smart attempt by the producers at commenting on celebrity culture. Chantelle didn’t win the show, but she did win the heart of Preston from the Ordinary Boys – she then went on to sign book deals, and glossy gossip magazine deals to have her wedding pictures published.

7 – Alison Hammond got booted from the show early, but she didn’t let that phase her. Alison is now one of the returning presenters on This Morning, and was named the face of Crown Bingo in 2012.

8 – Loved by some, and hated by everyone else, Nikki Graham left the Big Brother reality TV show, to then star in her very own reality TV show, aptly titled Princess Nikki!

9 – Sam and Amanda Marchant were the first twins to be on the show. After leaving series 8, the duo became the face(s) of Young and Pure Cosmetics, and they also signed a fitness DVD deal.

10 – Although the Tourette’s sufferer had dreams of becoming a pop star, Pete Bennet didn’t quite make it in the pop world. He did, however, receive £1 million to write the story of his life.

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